Image to Search - OCR

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  • Released: 02 November 2010
  • Version: 1.0
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As easy and simple as snap and hear!

✓ This application will let you search the contents of your picture in all major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing), Youtube and Wikipedia. This application works using OCR (Text recognition). Also provides Text to speech capabilities.

✓ Just take the pic and voila! you will see the information related to it in a search provider.

✓ Like nothing ever before in the App Store... take a picture; any picture, and our application will read out loud the text inside of the image for you!

✓ The picture can be read from a new picture, an existing one from your photo library or from an existing URL. The possibilities are endless!

✓ This application is perfect also for visually handicapped people. Imagine some doesn't read that well? Perhaps they can take a picture and the device will read the contents of the ad? Or imagine a person that doesn't read well yet.

✓ Imagine seeing a sign while on the road with important information such as telephone numbers, addresses or names: just take a picture of it and the software will not only decipher by itself what it says, but it will also read it out loud for you! No effort required! We are sure you can think of many more uses for this application, since the possibilities are as limited as you want them to be!

✓ Our application works with text to speech routines in order to read the contents of any picture. To recognize the text in the picture we use OCR technology.

✓ Accuracy of the reading depends on the quality of the picture; for best results try to always use clear images.

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