Christmas Clock and Flashlight

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  • Released: 03 December 2009
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 10.3 MB
  • Language: English
  • Rated 4+

    Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch (2nd generation), iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 2.0 or later.


Finally, After much demand.

We provide a clock for Christmas, please see the image previous and you will see personalized backgrounds for your clock. You can also user your custom keyboard.

Flashlight features:

-TIMER-Turn you iPhone into a flashlight AND set the time you want it to turn on and off with a timer. It can be very annoying when you are about to find the object you were looking for and the flashlight application goes off…NOT with this application! Also, there are flashlight applications out there that let you turn it off manually; but what if you were using it to read at night and you fall asleep? With this application you can program it to turn off at a specific time.

-TALKS-Not only does this application come with a talking watch with beautiful backgrounds, but the flashlight can talk too! Once the timer is set to begin it will let you know OUT LOUD! Where else can you find this feature? Its perfect for those times when you need to wake up in the middle of the night to catch a flight or go to work; where you will not only be waken up by the light it emits, but also because of the sound; just as an alarm!

-COLORS-The flashlight has a beautiful design that can turn in a certain color. The options include:
Yellow- Known to be less irritant to the eyes than white.
Green- Perfect for night vision; commando style!
Red- When you need the light to be brighter.
Blue- Ideal for relaxing when you only need a little bit.

-DESIGN-As you choose the color of the light you want, you can also choose if you want the whole screen to light up, or an image of a light bulb in that color.

- You also have a regular flashlight which can be turned on by touching the date in the "clock view". IF you touch other sections of the screen the talking clock will be enabled.

-Talking watch. We’ve made it extremely convenient, especially for when you are busy or at night when it’s hard to see; with just a tap on the screen the clock says the exact hour. This is a much requested feature that is hard to find in other applications!

-Different types of Alarms. Not only does this application include different sounds to choose from for the alarm; it also includes these two options that no other application out there has:.

-Our App supports LANDSCAPE AND PORTRAIT mode (please see image previews).

-Setup a call as an alarm. You can choose to call any number at the time the alarm goes up. This option is perfect for when you need to wake up your friend, remind your coworker to be at a meeting or call your son to remind him to take his medication! So clever! (Feature only available for iPhone, Ipods can still use the application but the calling feature is not available).

-Dog Alarm. Many people have been requesting an alarm that works only for dogs. After much research, we have developed an alarm that goes off at a specific time that works only for dogs. (You may need to train your dog).

-Talking alarm. Not only does the clock talk, so does the alarm! You choose the time and it will let you know with a clear voice what time it is!

-Personal Background. With this application you will have the option to select the picture for the alarm clock background. The possibilities are endless! You can be as naughty or nice as you want. Select from some of the basic options we have included or any picture from your photo library. Just image having a wallpaper of your platonic hottie in your clock, perhaps your gf in bikini? Just use your imagination... This is the only app that will let you put ANY picture in the background.

-Font Choices. Change the color and type of font of the clock to fit your mood and personality!

-Calendar. Our app will show you date also.



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