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  • Updated: 10 September 2009
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    Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Requires iOS 2.0 or later.


Mom’s out there: This is the best and only application you’ll find out there to manage the care of your baby! Once you become a mother, the amount of information you need to handle regarding your baby’s care can be too overwhelming to manage. Not anymore! Some of the main features of this application are:
-Manage your child’s growth. Feel free to enter information regarding your baby’s height and weight as often as you want. You can add notes such as sickness or growth spur to every record as well as categorize it by how old he was.
-Vaccination records at the palm of your hand. Forget about those obsolete papers the pediatrician hands out, to keep track of your baby’s immunizations. With this application you have the option to choose from a scroll down menu the type of vaccine your baby received. You can annotate the exact date, time and amount he got. Furthermore, we added an option to enter notes regarding the immunization. Here you can enter reactions he had, when the next one is due or recommendations for the after care your pediatrician gave you.
-Food. As your baby grows his feeding patterns, quantities and types of food will change. With this application you will be able to keep track without going crazy. Every feeding you have the option to enter information regarding the type of food, the length of the feeding (mostly for breastfed babies) and quantity; for future reference. Here you also have the option to add any notes about the food such as brands he liked, allergic reaction he may have had or anything else that help in the future.
-Milestones notes. Every baby grows at a different pace; there is no rule regarding milestones. In this section of the application you will be able to enter when the baby achieves certain key milestones such as crawling and walking. You can add notes to it as well as the date.
-Baby Care forum. Being a parent is hard as it is; it is the most important job you will ever have, but it can sometimes be frustrating and confusing. Whether its just for laughs or for advice from other parents; we added a quick link to a forum where parents in similar situation can share ideas and advice.
-Email your information. All the information you enter can be sent as a screenshot to any interested party such as your pediatrician, loved ones or even yourself. It is as easy as tapping on the envelop button.

All the information you enter will be categorized by date entered and will appear as soon as you load the application. It is a very easy to use application that will definitely help you manage your baby’s information in a very simple way. We are always working on this and other applications; please share with us any ideas, suggestions or comments you may have.
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