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i-Fertility is the simple but complete tool to control every aspect of your fertility. It will help you determine the fertile days of your monthly cycle as well as keep track of every information related to it.

The main page will show you based on the date and time your fertility information. This information is based on the data you input every time in the different categories.

Body Basal Temperature (BBT) and Weight
In this section you will be able to add information about these crucial aspects to your fertility. Also, you will also be able to mark when you are having your period for future reference. Charting of basal body temperatures is used to determine the onset of ovulation. This temperature shifts during ovulation, and is therefore a great tool in order to be aware of your fertility. This temperature is most sensitive after waking up, and is therefore the temperature that should be used to chart. Occasionally, you may experience a temperature dip on the day of ovulation, making the chance of conception even higher; this software will help you pin-point that specific day.
Furthermore, a lot of emphasis has been placed recently on the effects of weight loss and gain on a woman's fertility. Unlike other fertility applications, this one helps you manage your weight so that you can also control your fertility. To make it easier, we have included additionally to the main page's information with the weight and temperature, a graph showing the oscillations in weight. This tool not only works in order to benefit your fertility, but your health over all.
Additionally, we added a notes section where you will be able to add other information such as cervical fluid discharge, ovulation details and symptoms among others.

Based on the tools provided in this application you will be able to know when your best chances for conception are. With this feature you will be able to keep track of your sexual life, and keep the records for future use.

Birth Control
This application not only works to keep track of your fertility, but also your birth control. In order for it to be more effective, birth control needs to be taken every so often at a specific time. This is too much information that you will not need to keep on top of your head as of now. No other application will keep your fertility information as well as your birth control log at hand, all in one! This section lets you choose which method you used and when. Furthermore, it lets you add any notes such as symptoms you may have experienced for future reference.

Fertility Drugs
Fortunately we now live in a world where women that once could not get pregnant are being able to do so. However, it can be a hassle keeping track of what is being done every day in order to conceive. Here you will be able to annotate when and which treatment you used as well as notes for future reference.

In order to make it even more convenient, with the tap of the envelop sign, you can send any part of the information via email. You can choose from your health provider, loved one or even yourself.

Fertility is a very broad subject and can be very confusing at times. That is why we added a forum where experts as well as every day people will be able to exchange information. Here there is also a field for frequently asked questions as well as an option to contact an expert on the field for further assistance charting and trying to conceive, for no additional cost!

This application can be of much use, but is solely a recreational tool. No information or advice obtained from this application should be relied on as the sole basis for treating or diagnosing conditions, symptoms or illness, and all queries should be directed to a health professional. Do not use this application as an exclusive method to avoid pregnancy or to get pregnant.
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