Email Text Paster

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  • Released: 09 May 2009
  • Version: 1.1
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    Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Requires iOS 2.0 or later.



"The iPhone works only for quick and short Emails!", "It's hard to use for business Emails!" etc. Not any more!

Writing important Emails from your iPhone can sometimes be frustrating since we need to type again and again the same information without a "copy/paste" feature. You have now the choice to add and keep up to four text fields to be pasted throughout your emails. This application is here to simplify your life, here are some examples; but the possibilities for this application are endless:

-Customer service responses are often similar. Why type the same answer again and again? You can keep the answers to frequently asked questions and just paste them to the email every time.

-Listing in your body email can definitely seem like an endless job if you need to keep typing the same prefix or word over and over again. For instance, when placing an order instead of having to type "Item #" over and over, you would only have to press the paste button every time you wanted to add that phrase. Another example would be when sending email addresses in the body of your email, you could just write "johnjones" "kimyoung" etc. and press the "1" paste key after each name to insert "" to every name on your list. (See the preview images)

-Multiple signatures available for different emails recipients. The iPhone comes with the possibility to add a default signature to every email; but with this application you can choose from a personal signature, to a loving one or a more serious sounding one. For instance; your professional signature may be your contact information. When you are writing to your loved ones you may want to use a "xoxo" signature instead, or a have a great day when writing to your friends!

The possibilities are endless! We are constantly looking for ways to simplify your life with the use of the iPhone; please feel free to share any ideas, suggestions or comments you may have on this and our other similar applications! Make sure you check them out since we are sure your life will be a much simpler one with these applications!



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