All Paid Free
Steak Fighter Lite 
Steak Fighter Lite Games Released: 22 March 2011 Free
SeeSaw Lite 
SeeSaw Lite Games Released: 18 March 2011 Free
Amazing Secret Diary Lite 
Amazing Secret Diary Lite Entertainment Released: 15 March 2011 Free
Talking Browser 
Talking Browser Utilities Updated: 05 November 2009 Free
Amazing Drums Lite 
Amazing Drums Lite Entertainment Updated: 26 September 2011 Free
iZit Popper 
iZit Popper Games Released: 10 March 2011 Free
Camera Companion Lite 
Camera Companion Lite Photo & Video Released: 07 March 2011 Free
iNight Warrior Lite 
iNight Warrior Lite Games Released: 01 March 2011 Free
Pizza Fighter Lite 
Pizza Fighter Lite Games Released: 25 February 2011 Free
Broken Toys Lite 
Broken Toys Lite Productivity Released: 10 February 2011 Free
Hoy NO Circula (MEXICO) 
Hoy NO Circula (MEXICO) Utilities Updated: 26 September 2009 Free
test Productivity Released: 16 April 2012 Free
Pico y Placa Bogota, Colombia. 
Pico y Placa Bogota, Colombia. Travel Released: 29 August 2009 Free
Sing2Dance Entertainment Released: 04 August 2009 Free
iTherapist Entertainment Released: 13 June 2009 Free
Talking Tip Calculator Deluxe 
Talking Tip Calculator Deluxe Utilities Released: 07 May 2009 Free
Buy or Sell (For:iPhone, iPad or iPod) 
Buy or Sell (For:iPhone, iPad or iPod) Productivity Updated: 09 April 2010 Free
Talking Search (Search while on the road!) 
Talking Search (Search while on the road!) Utilities Updated: 07 April 2009 Free
iBombs Games Updated: 11 April 2009 Free
Kiss The Lips 
Kiss The Lips Lifestyle Released: 04 February 2011 Free
A Sumo Fight Lite 
A Sumo Fight Lite Games Released: 31 January 2011 Free
Cyber Zombies Wanted Lite 
Cyber Zombies Wanted Lite Games Released: 26 January 2011 Free
Cartoon Voice Effects Lite 
Cartoon Voice Effects Lite Lifestyle Updated: 23 February 2011 Free
Easy Camera Effects Lite 
Easy Camera Effects Lite Utilities Released: 10 January 2011 Free
Fingerprint Love Detector Lite 
Fingerprint Love Detector Lite Lifestyle Released: 29 December 2010 Free
Amazing Boom 
Amazing Boom Games Released: 18 December 2010 Free